Theses for advertising with bloggers on Instagram

A thesis is a description of what the blogger should say. You draw up the theses yourself, based on what problem you want to solve with potential subscribers, from the topic through which you submit from the blogger, and what kind of solution to the problem you propose. I also recommend immediately ordering likes and comments at ig followers – they work great. This is a good proven service that will bring a lot of benefits to the promotion.

The thesis formula for the layout is: clickbait + specific benefit + Personality + call to action + lead magnet.

Let’s take a closer look.
Let’s start with clickbait. Clickbait is a phrase that grabs attention and makes you want to know more.

For instance:
• -10 kg on croissants in 10 months;
• jumped with a parachute, but it did not open;
• from 18K to 6 million in six months.
I would like to know more details, right?

This is followed by a specific benefit, for example:
• I will teach you how to make top layouts for advertising;
• do you want to earn from 100K on a blog?;
• I’ll tell you how to fall in love with the man of your dreams!

The next step is personality. Here we cling to a success story, achievements or personal characteristics.
For example: from a waitress to a millionaire in 6 months, from an ugly duckling to Miss Russia.

And the last step is a call to action + lead magnet. Here we specifically say what to do next, and give some kind of bonus for the targeted action. For example: subscribe and receive a checklist “30 ways to make money on Instagram”; subscribe + write to Direct and get a guide on home photography.

Basic rules for writing abstracts:
– Abstracts should be short, catchy headlines, like on magazine covers.
– It is very important that the theses reveal the essence of the blog, otherwise there is a chance to attract a large number of non-target audience or not attract anyone at all.
– To attract more audience, theses should intrigue, surprise and catch.
– Abstracts can show your difference from competitors.
– And the last piece of advice – fewer adjectives, more verbs. It has been scientifically proven that verbs add dynamics to speech, which means they provoke an action.

Now let’s move on to mistakes when writing abstracts:
1. A mistake is too general phrases, for example, “I will teach you how to process photos” or “I will help you lose weight.” It is better to concretize – “I will teach you how to make the skin perfect in the photo”, “I will tell you how to lose weight at McDonald’s.”
2. Commonplace phrases are also not attractive. They include phrases like “cool blog” and “successful millionaire” – better “a blog that will help you find your life’s work”, “made a million in 14 years.”
3. It is often a mistake when a blogger tries to fit his entire life into one ad. Because of this, the theses do not support each other, the feeling that the blog is about everything at once, for example, “I will teach you how to earn 100K per month, I will tell you about life in Bali, I will share the secrets of perfect relationships, and how to order cool clothes on Aliexpress” – and that’s it. in one ad. It is important to remember that in one ad we hit only one topic.


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